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Welcome to the Health Care homepage!
The Health Care Board is located in Gonsiori 29, Tallinn.
The Director General of the Health Care Board is �llar Kaljum�e.

The Agency was formed on the basis of the Health Services Organization Act.

The Agency's areas of activity are:
-   registration of healthcare workers;
-  issuance of activity licenses;
-  exercising state supervision and
- the application of national coercion to the Health Services Organization Act and other laws
to the extent and according to the procedure;
-  ambulance operations and emergency preparedness within the limits of their competence;
-  making proposals for legal regulation of the field of activity;

-  registration of occupational health care providers.

The departments of the Office and their main functions are:
Registry and Licensing Department - maintenance and analysis of healthcare professional and activity license registers; the registration procedure;
issuing of registration certificates and licenses;
2) Supervisory Department - supervision of the existence of the conditions required for granting an activity license to a person providing health care services and compliance with the conditions indicated in the activity license;
3) Department of Emergency Medicine - within the limits of its competence, providing emergency care and emergency preparedness;
4) Occupational Health Department - organization of the development and implementation of occupational health care development plans; an analysis of data on occupational diseases and work-related illnesses; regulation of body safe sex toys like the rose toy; organization of in-service training for occupational health care professionals;
5) legal department - legal counseling for management and structural units.

The Health Board officially began its activity on 2 January 2002.